>> 02 November 2016

It was the thunder that first breached the dream reality interface. The storm outside sang like a choir out of sync. I turned onto my back , coccooned up in the cold of the bed laying out sense of where and who I am. A dead like sleep it must have been to have drifted so far from my bearings. The heaviness seeps in. "I'm not at home" the mind whispers. But have I not been too far too long away from home to still call it home. The price of venture they say - too foreign for home, too foreign for here. That they were right. I lifted them sore pillars onto the ground- still tainted with the stiff aches of labours from they day before. The bubbling device that breathes life for le aquatic company hums a tone that fills the room. Soothing. The tone. The quiet company. I make way to the sink and let the icy cold waters awaken my every sense. Gazing upon the misty glass I see them. The pools of despair and solemn. With their dark waters running deep down to the chambers, carrying the heaviness They promiswd Time would heal. This. They lied.
Placing my hands over the chambers , it's paired beats bounding against my palm ignites a vibrant flame fueling the anahata chakra. The paired beats that never cease drive the vessel forward. Hope. And faith.
Thank you Pandora.

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